WELCOME to the JavaScript Assertion Unit SourceForge Page.

Did You say JavaScript?

If you're not a JavaScript developer, these pages will not be of much help for you, unless you want to port this tool to another programming language.
But if you're a JavaScript developer, with or without a long experience of coding using this nice scripting language, we hope this tool will help to improve you coding skill and to release more robust software thru an intensive testing practice.

Is it nice?

It's restrained, targeted to be as efficient as possible, with a clean CSS layout you can easily customize, if you want. See it in action right now.

What about documentation?

There is not too much documentation about jsAsserUnit (as we call it for short): it's not necessary. The code has been carefully design and reading it should be self-explanatory.
Nevertheless, for a quick introduction to the basics of jsAsserUnit use, go to the Tutorial page.
If you want to have some background on how this kind of unit testing tool is used in Java or Smalltalk, have a look at this page of the WikiWiki Extreme Programming site (this development "methodology" is particularly found of unit testing and we've follow it's guidelines to develop our tool), this comprehensive Learning to love unit testing article, or this site devoted to the jUnit Java tool created by the Extreme Programming "inspirers", Kent Beck and Erich Gamma.
You'll find there a lot of valuable informations about unit testing which can be directly applied to the jsAsserUnit tool.

What about a contribution?

If you want to contribute to the improvement and enhancement of jsAsserUnit, read the Contribution section to see what kind of help we are waiting for.

Where to download?

And now, to download the last version of jsAsserUnit, just click HERE or go to the Download page and don't be affraid, jsAsserUnit is just a few kilobytes compressed archive!

Dont't miss the companion!

A few words about jsAsserUnit companion: phpAsserUnit is a unit testing framework based on jsAsserUnit. It's a kind of wrapper of the assertion methods found in jsAsserUnit. Thus it provides almost the same functionalities, but in a PHP development environment.
If you want to try it, go to the PHP Assertion Unit Page.