WELCOME to the PHP Assertion Unit SourceForge Page.

Who is the companion?

phpAsserUnit is a unit testing framework based on jsAsserUnit. It's a kind of wrapper of the assertion methods found in jsAsserUnit. So it provides the same functionalities, but in a PHP development environment.
The first major difference is that assertion methods don't return a boolean value as a result of the assertion checking. This limitation could be removed in future versions.
The second major difference is that phpAsserUnit doesn't provide the type testing methods found in jsAsserUnit, because similar functions are already part of the core PHP functions (is_string, is_numeric, etc.)
Otherwise, the methods of the ASSERT_Tester singleton class actually are wrapping the methods of jsAsserUnit, hence the same behaviour, including the overloading mechanism.
Relying on the JavaScript Assertion Unit Framework makes the design of phpAsserUnit very simple: there is only one class in the PHP package containing the ASSERT_Tester class, similar to the class with the same name in jsAsserUnit. This class is found in the assert.mod file (the mod extension signifies module).
See it in action right now.

Where to download?

You can download the PHP Assertion Unit Framework, just click HERE and choose the package phpAssertUnit in the archive format you prefer.
This package include the jsAsserUnit package, so that you don't need to download it separatly.

What about documentation?

Sorry, but we don't provide a specific documentation for phpAsserUnit. We think that jsAsserUnit documentation is enough and that a PHP developer should have no problem to understand it, even if she/he doesn't pratice JavaScript.
So, please refer to the JavaScript Assertion Unit Framework Tutorial and Design sections of this documentation to learn how tu use phpAsserUnit.